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2015 Demolition Derby Rules

Rattlesnake Raceway


Car Specifications and Safety


1.      All competitors must use full size American made rear wheel drive passenger sedans.  Station wagons OK.

2.      All glass, chrome, trim etc., must be removed.  Dash and heater core must be removed.

3.      Doors and trunk must be welded or chained shut with minimum 3/8 inch chain.  Hoods must be bolted or chained shut.

4.      Gas tank must be removed and replaced with a six gallon or less fuel container mounted securely in the back seat driver’s side area of the car.  Fuel line must run out of the fuel tank, through a hole in the floor pan directly adjacent to the tank and under the car to the engine.

5.      Two horizontal “spreader” bars will be mounted in the car.  Bars will be minimum 2 inches outside diameter and maximum 6 inches.  Bar wall thickness must be .125” minimum.  Schedule 40 pipe recommended.  Bars will be mounted 16 to 24 inches above the floor pan.  One bar will be installed behind the front seat to the vertical “B” pillars.  The other bar will be installed in the dash area in front of the driver.

6.      Radiator must be mounted in stock position.  Exhaust “zoomies” extending through the hood are optional.

7.      Up to two batteries may be used, mounted securely in the passenger side front floor area.  Batteries must be securely covered with wood or rubber to prevent battery spillage contacting the driver.

8.      Stock seat belt with shoulder harness is the minimum driver restraint requirement.

9.      Driver’s side door ONLY may be filled with concrete.

10.  Bumpers must be welded or chained to car’s frame with minimum 3/8 inch chain.  Any gas charged cylinders in bumpers must be relieved of pressure by drilling a hole in the cylinder.

11.  Body mounts on full frame cars may be removed and body bolted directly to the frame.

12.  No electric fuel pumps.

13.  Drivers must wear helmets whenever in the car on the track.  Helmets must accompany cars through safety and tech inspection.

14.  Car number must be clearly visible on sides and roof of car.

15.  Absolutely no reinforcement of car other than what is listed in these rules.

16.  Hitting the driver’s door is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.