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Lahontan Auto Racing Association (LARA) considers it a PRIVILEGE, not a right, for any competitor/participant to compete/participate in any Rattlesnake Raceway Event.


The general rules section applies to each and every competitor, mechanic, and pit personnel. If you have a question, ask an Official. You're expected to know the rules.  Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for failure to comply. The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all Rattlesnake Raceway events.  All racing competitors are deemed to have read and comprehend these rules, and will comply with their content. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with these rules and regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and in no way are guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others.





Any member involved in an accident or injured while on the racing premises must report to a track official before leaving the premises in order to be eligible for insurance benefits (provided ANY member involved in an accident or injured while on the racing premises is physically able to make such a report).


1.      Rattlesnake Raceway reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone/party.  Three track officials shall have responsibility for rules and regulation enforcement at LARA’s weekly sanctioned events.  At the discretion of the track officials in charge, any competitor may be disqualified for rule violations, hazardous equipment or hazardous actions. All disputes developing as a result of track official's decisions must be presented to a track official in writing by the end of the race night.  LARA will make every attempt to notify ALL parties involved with any written protest received as to allow said parties to present their case to the LARA Board at the next meeting. LARA's Board of Directors will discuss the protest and make a final decision at the next Board meeting.  The protesting party will be notified by mail or telephone of the Board's decision.  The Board's decision is final.


2.      All drivers, car owners, pit crewmen and other participants agree that by entering a race event they shall abide by the rules and regulations as set forth herein.


3.      Drivers will assume responsibility for the actions of crew/family/friends. The driver is the sole spokesperson for car/crew/family/friends (regardless of where persons are located, pits or grandstands) and must talk to Officials when approached. When a driver is in consultation with a Track Official, no other person may approach or interfere in any way. The only exception to this rule is for a minor driver under the age of 18. The parent/guardian, who authorized and signed the minors release form, will accompany the minor driver when dealing with track officials. Fighting, interfering with a track official/security or threats of violence will result in automatic disqualification, the loss of points, the loss of money, and/or suspension from racing at Rattlesnake Raceway. The use of profanity or profane gestures at anytime towards any person or officials shall not be permitted. Violators may be removed from the raceway for the race night.  Repeat offenders may be suspended for the season. If a conflict arises in the pit area of a driver at the time he is participating in a racing event, he will be black flagged and required to return to his pit to correct the problem. Any and all individuals in the pit area shall at all times follow the requests of any and all track officials. Refusal to follow the requests of a track official, regardless of the individual’s opinion, may result in fine, suspension or expulsion.


4.      Pit Admission:  LARA board of directors and track officials have the right to revoke this authority (Pit Admission) at anytime that it is deemed that a participant's presence or conduct is not in the best interests of the sport, fellow competitors, spectators, officials, employees and/or management. Unauthorized presence at Rattlesnake Raceway is considered trespassing and violators are subject to the penalties prescribed by law. Any and all participants, pit crews and guests to the pit area are required to fill out any and all appropriate forms and waivers and pay all required fees including any possible unpaid fines, BEFORE entering the pit area. All participants must sign for themselves. NO EXCEPTIONS.  All pit area participants shall be required to obtain a valid wristband in order to access the pit area. The wristband shall be placed on the wrist snugly in order to disallow removal of the wristband. Any and all persons not in possession of a valid wristband shall be escorted out of the pits. Minors 17 years and under, must have a parent or guardian prepare/complete and sign a minor’s release form.  ANYONE UNDER 14 YEARS OF AGE MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT AT ALL TIMES IN THE PITS!!!!  All participants, 17 and younger, must have a notarized minors release form on file with LARA.  Minimum Driving age is 16 years of age.  Drivers under age 16 will be considered by LARA's board members on a case by case basis, as well as driver experience.  Any driver failing to fill out all appropriate forms/waivers and pay all required fee's including unpaid fines shall forfeit all points/prize money for that race event.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Any attempt to circumvent any aspect of pit registration as listed is subject to fine, suspension and or expulsion.  Once a person has paid entry into and has entered the pit area, there shall be NO PIT REFUNDS MADE. Any refund exceptions will be decided by the DOC.


A check written to LARA and returned by the bank due to insufficient funds needs to be paid in cash or a money order, and include a $25.00 bank service charge. Check writing privileges may be suspended from that point forward.


5.      Rattlesnake Raceway allows the courteous and careful use of three or four wheelers within the Restricted Pit Area as push vehicles, equipment transportation or personal transportation. Car number and class must be placed on three/four wheeler for visual identification. (i.e.: HS-6, IMCA 21, etc)  No ID = No use.  Excessive speed, reckless operation or improper operation will result in the loss of authorization to use three/four wheelers and may DQ associated car/driver. Riding on race cars, tow/push vehicles is not encouraged.


6.      The Pit Area is designated as the 'restricted area' for the preparation of cars for competition. All drivers must operate their vehicles within the Pit Area in a manner that is safe and under control. The Pit Area is not a test area for racecars. Drivers are responsible to watch for pedestrians and other vehicles and to exercise caution due to congestion in the pit area. Entry to and exit from the pit area during hot laps, heats and races is controlled by the Pit Stewards. When entering or exiting the pits drivers must observe a speed no greater than 5 MPH.  Failure to observe the directions of the Pit Stewards, excess speed or reckless driving may result in disqualification, loss of money, loss of points and/or suspension.


7.      All cars will be required to have in their pits a minimum of one 2 pound dry chemical fire extinguisher. This is to be visible to track officials when they drive past your pit.  Fire Extinguisher will be marked with car number and class.  (HS-1, RM-81)  Race teams with more than one car can mark their extinguisher/s with team name.  All crewmembers must be aware of its location, and knowledgeable in the use of the fire extinguisher.


8.      Alcohol is not allowed to be present and visible in the Restricted Pit Area before or during a racing event. Alcohol may not be consumed in the Restricted Pit Area until after the final checkered flag of the last race of the night. There is no tolerance with any alcohol use before the checkered flag of the last race of any event. There is no tolerance with the possession and/or use of drugs on the racetrack property at any time. Any person suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be asked to leave, and could be subject to suspension or loss of winnings based upon the discretion of the race officials.  IF any driver is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, and has operated a race car, LARA officials will notify law enforcement for possible legal action.  If driver is arrested and convicted, the driver and crew will be subject to a lifetime suspension.


9.      Each race team is allowed a tow vehicle and trailer inside the pits.  Please be considerate and only use enough space your team requires and park your race car in line with your trailer.  Non-tow vehicles may park in the pits at the cost of $5.00 per vehicle.  Vehicles will be insured and insurance cards must be presented when inquired for by a track official.  Track officials can refuse non-tow vehicle parking in the pits if space is required for more race teams. Refunds will be made to non tow vehicles if they have to be removed for space.


10.  A driver is allowed substitute drivers, with the Board discretion. To have a substitute driver it needs to be approved by the board prior to the scheduled event and must be in the original driver’s original car. The points will go to the car for those approved races. If a Rookie driver needs a substitute driver it must be another Rookie driver for that class.


11.  The car that the driver starts with in the heat race must be used in the main event.  If a back-up car is used in the main event, driver will start last for that event.


12.  LARA track officials reserves the right to inspect a race car at anytime. They further reserve the right to disqualify any driver and race car from competition. It is the responsibility of the driver and crew to disassemble the race car for inspection when requested to do so. Refusal to comply will result in disqualification and forfeiture of prize money and points.


13.  When there is a tie in the points of any class, it will go to the driver that has won the most heats, main events and if that does not break the tie it will go to the Dirt Track Championship, where there will be a race off. 


14.  Approval of a race car by inspector shall mean ONLY that it is approved for participation in a competitive event and shall not be construed in any way to mean that it is guaranteed mechanically sound, safe or completely legal.  LARA and/or the inspector shall not be liable for any mechanical failure nor for any losses, injuries or death resulting from same.


15.  Any car under protest taken from premises without first clearing it with the tech official, will subject car and driver to disqualification and forfeiture of prize money and points.


16.  Any driver under suspension may not participate in any LARA sanctioned event, until further written notice from the President.


17.  No driver, car owner or mechanic shall have claim for damages, expenses or otherwise against LARA, promoter or any officials, by reason of disqualification or damage to either race car or driver or both. Car owner, driver, pit crew, and mechanics agree the track is in safe condition if they take part in racing activities.


18.  All drivers, car owners and mechanics assume full responsibility for any and all injuries sustained including death and property damage at anytime they are on the premises, in route thereto or there from.



1.      All vehicles engines must start and move forward and backward without assistance at time of pre-tech.


2.      In no class shall electronic traction control devices be used.


3.      No in-car communication devise can be used, without proper approval of Rattlesnake Raceway. The only exception is the mandatory non-scanable raceceivers. If a person is found to be using a scanable raceceiver, they will be disqualified for the enter night.


4.      All fastening points for suspensions, drive train and body must appear functional.


5.      The tech inspector, Board and/or track officials have the right to change classification of any vehicle at any time.


6.      If not passing tech due to a safety issue, there will be no grace race.



1.      GREEN: Official start of race. A driver does not have to take the initial green flag to enter a race.


2.      YELLOW: CAUTION!!  WE DO NOT RACE BACK TO YELLOW! Slow down and form a single file line.  You will not go down a lap under yellow. Any driver causing a yellow flag condition will be sent to the back of the pack on the restart. Any instance where multiple drivers are involved, all drivers may be sent to back of the pack for the restart.  Any driver causing two (2) yellow flags in one race will be Black Flagged.  A self-invoked spinout to avoid an accident is not considered a spinout.  All vehicles entering the track are considered official entries for that event. Any car leaving the track for any reason will start at the back of the lineup regardless if the race has started or not.  A driver leaving the track under yellow flag will be given two (2) courtesy laps to return to the event.  The courtesy laps will start counting when the last car leaves the track.  Once the lineup is correct and the flagger has crossed the cars up for a re-start, any car leaving at the time will not receive the two courtesy laps. Any driver caught trying to take advantage of the yellow flag by moving up positions, may be placed in the back of the pack. Remain in a single file line while scorekeepers confirm lineup is correct or track officials correct the lineup. The flagger will signal you to cross up. 


3.      RED: Stop as safely as possible! SHUT OFF ENGINE! This lap will not be scored. Do not get out of your car unless it is on fire.  No working on your car or receiving of assistance from pit personnel off the track.  Do not re-start your engine or move your car until the yellow flag is displayed.  Do not leave the track under a red flag unless directed by a track official, then do so very slowly and proceed to the tech pad.  You must wait on the tech pad until the track is under yellow.  Your pit crew can access the damage to your vehicle; however no work can be done until the track is under yellow.  If repairs are made, you will be disqualified and cannot return to the track.  Remain in your car with all your safety gear on.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  VIOLATION OF THIS RULE WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION!


4.      WHITE: One lap before checkered flag.


5.      CHECKERED: Race is complete. Drivers are allowed one (1) cool down lap and then must exit the track.


6.      RED and YELLOW: Complete restart.  Go back to original starting positions.


7.      ROLLED UP BLACK FLAG: Warning for rough/aggressive/out of control driving, intentional or unintentional, of vehicle.  Next incident may or may not result in full black flag. 

8.      BLACK: Driver must leave the track immediately and may be disqualified with loss of points and money for the event you are in. You may receive a full black flag without a warning. Driver must proceed to the tech pad.  A track official will inform the driver of the cause of the black flag.  No one else is allowed on the tech pad at that time. If you receive the BLACK flag, you are to leave the track right away and are not allowed to return for that event.  If you do not leave the track, a yellow will be thrown, if you still do not leave a red flag will be thrown and you may be towed off the track.  You will be subject to discipline as determined by the LARA board.


9.      BLACK WITH ORANGE DOT: Mechanical problem with car.  Excessive smoke, flat tire or loose body parts, etc. Driver must leave the track immediately. After problem is fixed, driver may return to the track.  This flag will only be given twice during any one race. If this flag is not adhered to the driver will be given the black flag and may not finish that race.


10.  BLUE WITH ORANGE STRIPE:  Use to notify drivers that lead cars are approaching.  Hold your line.  Do not move up or down. If you are not up to track speed, you must drive as close to the wall as possible.  This flag will be used at the discretion of the flagman.


If a driver should abuse or continually disrespect these flags when given, corrective action may be applied by LARA's board of directors.



1.      All cars must be neatly painted.


2.      Take pride in your car.  Cars must be washed prior to race day.  Tech may refuse to inspect car until it has been cleaned.


3.      Car numbers must be on both doors and roof, at least 18” in height on the doors and 24” in height on the roof and of contrasting color to the color of the car.  All numbers and letters on car must be neat.  No free hand spray can numbers are allowed.  Must be stenciled.  Tech will issue a citation and must be fixed by next race.


4.      All classes may use two digits and must be in compliance with above rule #3. All numbers must be of a contrasting color from the color of the vehicle.  Senior LARA member's have priority for their numbers. If they do not register their number with their membership by March 31st, of each year/race season, then those numbers are open to anyone who applies for them. (Except retired numbers). Non-member drivers from out of town with the same number as a LARA member, will be assigned a letter by the tech inspector. If your number cannot be instantly recognized, the car may not be allowed to compete. Track officials will make the decision with the tech inspector.  If numbers cannot be easily read by the scorekeepers, the car may not be scored.


5.      Driver’s name must be on roof above driver’s and passenger's doors.

6.      The retired numbers of Rattlesnake Raceway and LARA are as follows:

a.       The #3 in memory of Dennis and Brad Kirn

b.      The #4 in memory of Dave Banovich, Sr. and Dave Banovich, Jr.

c.       The #8 in memory Marilyn and Hank Cornu

d.      The #44 in memory of Jim and Myrtle Baglin

To run any of these numbers you need to get written permission from the families.



All cars are subject to inspection at anytime.  It is the responsibility of the driver, car owner, and mechanic to have their car in a safe racing condition.  All safety equipment must be in the car at time of tech inspection.


1.      All drivers are required to pass their car through safety/tech for each event prior to driving on the racetrack.  The safety/tech pads are located in the center of the pits.  Safety/tech officials will normally begin their procedures two hours prior to race time. Please be considerate with track officials and being late interrupts their race program preparation time.


2.      A Tech Inspection Sheet will be used.  If your car does not meet technical rules, you will be issued a repair citation. You will be allowed a grace race that night for no money or points.  You must start scratch. If the safety equipment does not pass tech, you will not race until repaired/replaced. All citations must be inspected and cleared prior to next tech race inspection. It is the driver's responsibility to clear citations with tech. An outstanding citation is cause for a vehicle to fail tech inspection.


3.      If a car has been cleared for race day, any driver may drive that car as long as he starts the race in that car. If you change drivers in the main event of the racing night, the car will start scratch. A driver may drive in more than one (1) class. You must register and pay for both cars when signing in at the pit gate.


4.      Packing the track will be done at the discretion of the Flagman. Drivers must wear appropriate racing attire while packing the track. The procedure for wheel packing will be single file, no spinning tires and top to bottom formation.


5.      Hot lapping occurs after wheel packing and is optional.  Keep in mind that hitting other cars while hot lapping is considered a sign of poor driving skills and is held in extremely bad taste. Hot laps shall be permitted by class. Pit crews are allowed to hot lap vehicles provided they have a pit pass and appropriate racing attire is required to be worn. Hot laps will be made at the discretion of the Flagman depending on the condition of the track.


6.      All drivers or representative of the driver must attend the driver’s meeting prior to racing in that day’s events.  Pit crews are also encouraged to attend.  Roll call may be taken prior to meeting starting. NO EXCUSES/EXCEPTIONS.  (IF YOU ARRIVE AT THE TRACK LATE, AND MISS THE MEETING, YOU WILL START THE HEAT AT THE BACK OF THE PACK.)


7.      Drivers must be aware of the track line up and what class is next to race. When called to stage, all cars must do so IMMEDIATELY. If you are late to the line-up or cannot start your car under its own power, you must start at the rear of the field. If you show up late and your position has been filled, and the Pit Stewart feels you should retain your position, it will be corrected. Arguing with the Pit Stewart will not be tolerated and could be subject to disqualification for that event. All drivers will be treated equally regardless of their class of racing.  DRIVERS AND PIT CREWS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE TRACK ENTRANCE RAMP.


8.      While most events consist of heat races, and feature events, management reserves the right to add dashes to the program as required to keep the program length acceptable. In particular, drivers should check to ensure if they qualified for a dash and listen for the call to line up for that event. Quite frequently a lead driver will bow out of the dash making a third or fourth place heat finisher eligible to run the race.


9.      Upon entering the racing surface, you will remain lined up in the order of the start of the race. When cars are entering the track surface, the pole position car will maintain a nice even speed not fast, but not slow. If the track has just been watered, the flagger may motion the drivers to speed up and work it in. Do not do so, until motioned to. The flagger will give the signal to line up to original positions and will most of the time but not always give the one to go.


10.  Any driver who delays the start or restart of any event may be sent to the back of the pack. No stopping on the track will be allowed. Do not stop on the track to protest a call or ask questions to a track official. Stopping may result in being disqualified for that event.


11.  OUTLAW restarts are used at this track. An outlaw re-start is when the first position goes out by itself, second position goes to the inside behind the leader and third position will move to the outside behind the leader and so forth all the way back through the field. The leader can pick a high or low line. You cannot pull along side or pass the leader until after the green flag has waved.


12.  Pay attention to the track lights in turns 1, 2, 3, and 4. When all lights are out, be prepared for the start/re-start of the race.


13.  If a driver jumps a start, the race may go green and then back to yellow. The driver may be sent to the back of the pack for the next re-start.


14.  All drivers starting a race have to exit turn two on the first lap for a race to be considered an official start. However, the flagger may call for a re-start any time during the first lap. No re-starts will take place after all cars in that event have completed one lap. After a race has used its restart, the next start will be the outlaw restart.


15.  If caught in a wreck on the track, stay in your vehicle unless it’s on fire.  If you are not injured, lower your window net to show the rescue crew that you are ok.  This will help keep the number of personnel entering the track to a minimum.  This track will go red for any driver that hits the wall, roll over or a multi-car wrecks.  All drivers must be aware that track officials will be coming to your aid.  Do not drive away in a manner that will endanger rescue crews.  Any violation of this rule will result in punishment.


16.  Do not leave the track without your car unless you are instructed to go with the safety crew. Leaving your car is an automatic disqualification from that event.


17.  At the end of your race, take one cool down lap and then leave the track so the next race can start. Anyone taking more than one cool down lap could receive the black flag for that event. (Celebration lap with the checker flag doesn't count.)


18.  Heat race line up’s are by pill draw. Main event line up’s are 1st and 2nd in points and the winner of the last main event are in the back. If you win a main event and miss a race, when you race again you will start in the back.


19.  Rookie drivers must identify their cars. All rookie drivers will display a red painted sheet metal square the size of a normal license plate mounted securely on the rear window deck facing aft of the vehicle. This must be displayed for the entire first season.


20.  A driver whose car is destroyed may race another car, with the same number, and keep the previous points. If a car is bought or sold to another driver the points for the car will be reset to zero.




1.      POST MAIN EVENT INSPECTIONS:  All I.M.C.A. Modifieds and Northern Sport Modifieds must comply with all I.M.C.A. Modified and Northern Sport Modifieds rules and regulations per I.M.C.A. All classes are required to have the top four (4) go DIRECTLY to tech area when leaving the racetrack. Failure to go directly to tech area is an automatic disqualification. Only driver and car are allowed in tech area. One crewmember can be standing by for tech assist if required.  Tech inspector will summon crewmember if required.  All crew members and/or spectators must NEVER approach and/or touch a racecar that is in post tech until OK’d by Tech Inspector. 


2.      If track officials determine after the main event that a vehicle in tech does not meet applicable specifications, then officials has the right to impose a penalty which may result in disqualification and loss of that events points and prize money. If LARA tech inspectors discover any violation by any driver, the offending competitor will be immediately disqualified for that event.  If a disqualification occurs reasons, they may lose any and all points for that evening.



No protest of any type will be allowed after prize money has been paid.


1.      A procedural protest must be in writing and filed with a track official by the end of the race night. The protest must be specific in alleged violation to determine whether protest is allowed or rejected. One item per protest, per event only. All protests will be filed individually and must be accompanied with a $40 cash deposit, $10 of the deposit will be retained by the track for administration. If item being protested is found legal, the entire deposit will be forfeited.  If found illegal, $30 of the deposit will be refunded to the protester.


2.      Technical/mechanical protests must be presented in writing to the Director of Racing, (DOR) along with a $200 protest fee (cash only), $10.00 of the deposit will be retained by the track for administration.  This protest must be received by a track official no later than 30 minutes after the conclusion of the Main Event in which the protested car is competing. Only drivers competing in their class may protest cars within that class (i.e. a driver is Pro Stock may not protest a Hobby Stock, etc.). The protest document will describe specifically and fully what is being protested. The DOR, in conjunction with the Technical Inspectors, and LARA Board members may defer the teardown to minimize the damage done from dirt at the racetrack. However, steps will be taken to ensure that the evidence is not destroyed or altered. In all cases the inspection will take place before the protested car is allowed to compete again. Protested cars found to be within the prescribed limits will result in the presentation of the protest fee to the owner of the car being protested. If the car being protested is found to be illegal, the car and driver will be disqualified for that nights events and suffer the loss of all points and money earned. Any disqualified driver may be assessed an additional fine, additional loss of drivers’ points and possible race suspensions as decided by the LARA board members.  All illegal items must be corrected in accordance with LARA class rules prior to racing. If fines are assessed, the car will not be allowed into the pit until all fines are paid. The LARA Board will assist the DOR and the Technical Inspector in interpreting the rules applicable to the protest.  A driver may not protest more than one car per event, and may not protest the same driver more than once per race season.  Drivers may not join forces to file a protest against another driver.


3.      The party against whom the protest is made has a right to know the charge and have a written copy thereof so that they may adequately defend themselves against any action.



            All cars shall meet all safety and building rules mandated by the track rules and those in their classes specific rules set forth by LARA. (Membership in any stock car association shall be honored.) You must be a member of LARA to receive Rattlesnake Raceway points and qualify for the point’s championship at the end of the year. All drivers' points will be tracked for the first three (3) races attended. If no dues are paid the point totals for non-members will be erased and no points will be tracked in the future. Membership dues may be paid at any time before entering fourth (4th) race to guarantee point tracking.





A. Trophy/Cash dash- No points will be awarded for the dash.


B. Heat Race:

1st Place- 10 points

2nd Place- 9 points

3rd Place- 8 points ETC... all positions -1 point on down


C. Main Event:

1st Place- 30 points

2nd Place- 29 points

3rd Place- 28 points ETC... all positions -1 point on down


 All points stay with the car number.  A trophy or plaque award will be given to the drivers of all established classes (of six or more participants) finishing the season in the top ten positions or discretion of the LARA Board of Directors.





            The rules and/or regulation/s set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for safe events. These rules shall govern the conditions of all events. By participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.


            LARA's Board of Directors shall be empowered to permit minor deviations from any specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in their opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFTEY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretations or deviations of these rules are left to the discretion of the Officials. LARA Board of Directors decisions are final.