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Top four (4) finishers must report to post race tech. This class will not race to the yellow flag, under red flag conditions cars will go to designated area and red flags can be either open or closed reds.



1.      Any sprint frame that is tube type or modified (2X4) frame is acceptable.


2.      82” minimum to 96” maximum wheel base.


3.      Seat must be within center of chassis.


4.      No titanium part allowed.


5.      Halo bars are highly recommended.


1.      1650 lbs minimum at anytime.


2.      All weigh-ins include the driver. (The driver must be in the car when weigh-in is accomplished.)


3.      Added weight must be painted white with the car number on it and must be securely fastened to the chassis.



a.       Must carry 12 volt battery. Recommended location is under driver’s seat.

b.      If battery is WET TYPE it must be covered to prevent acid spills. ‘Maintenance Free’, no vent caps and sealed battery is suggested.

c.       On board, working starter is REQUIRED.

d.      Car must start each event from the staging WITHOUT ASSISTANCE. Cars requiring assistance at original start must go to the back of the pack.

e.       Assisted starts from red flag work area, during red flag conditions OK. Also may be assisted on yellow flag to help keep the show moving.


2.      Steel bell housing, scatter shield, or other applicable shield is mandatory.


3.      No independent rear suspension allowed.


4.      Open drive shafts must have two (2) 360-degree hoops.


5.      Absolutely no torque arms, suspension parts, or suspension adjustments are allowed from the driver compartment.


6.      Absolutely no shock adjustments from driver compartment.



1.      No titanium engine parts, including but not limited to, cranks, rods, pistons, or any rotating mass (titanium valve retainers okay).


2.      Cast iron block and cast iron 23-degree heads only.


3.      360 cubic inch plus 1% wear maximum.


4.      Flat tappet cams only.


5.      Roller rockers and girdles okay (no shaft mounted rockers).


6.      Gear drive okay.


7.      Holley #500 or Demon or 9647 Series 500 cfm 2 barrel carburetor.


a.       Venture may be opened .010” over catalog specs.

b.      Choke tower may be removed.

c.       External jets okay.

d.      No go gage must go past venture.

e.       1 11/16” throttle bore; shafts and throttle plate must be stock. External jets OK.


8.      Aluminum 4 barrel intake manifold okay.


9.      The bottom of the carburetor may be no more than four (4) inches from the top of the manifold.  This is including adapters, spacers, etc.


10.  No ram intakes allowed.


11.  No injection of any kind.


12.  Dry sumps allowed.


1.      All cars must meet track requirements for engine noise.


1.      Any ignition system or magneto okay.



1.      Alcohol or gas allowed.


a.       Fuel tank with bladder is mandatory for methanol.

b.      An approval fuel cell may be used for gas.


2.      No electric fuel pumps allowed.


3.      No oxygenated additives allowed.


4.      Must have a fuel shut-off valve located inside the cockpit, on right-hand side of driver, and be marked on-off.


1.      Must be sprint car type.


2.      Fiberglass bodies are preferred.


3.      Aluminum or steel bodies are allowed.

4.      Body should be attached to chassis with quick release fasteners to allow removal for lifting with tow truck or for moving driver in case of an accident.


5.      Front window screen mandatory.


6.      Window nets must be affixed to right side. (Metal buckles are recommended.)


1.      Torsion bar arms must ride on top of axle.


2.      Front and rear coil overs are allowed.


1.      All three-piece wheels must have all bolts in place.


1.      Spring hub quick release recommended.


2.      Pin-type must be marked with red tape at top of steering wheel where pin is placed.


1.      Minimum of 1” O.D. material aluminum, steel, or stainless steel.


2.      Must have a minimum of .065 to a maximum of .120 wall.


3.      No wider than frame.


4.      No sharp edges or corners allowed.


5.      Sprint car type allowed single bar two-point mount.


6.      No lead is allowed on, in, or part of the nerf bars.


1.      Maximum of 1” O.D. material steel or stainless steel.


2.      Must have a minimum of .065 to a maximum of .120 wall.


3.      Must extend to center, but not pass outside of tires.


4.      No sharp edges or corners allowed.


5.      Three or four-point nerf bars allowed.


6.      All four-point nerf bars can only have one cross bar.  It must be from the rear to the center of the bottom rail.  They may only have an upright in each corner and in the center.

7.      No lead is allowed on, in, or part of the nerf bars.


1.      Minimum of 1” O.D. material aluminum, steel or stainless steel.


2.      Must have a minimum of .065 to a maximum of .120 wall.


3.      No sharp edges or corners allowed.


4.      Sprint car type allowed four-point mount required.


5.      No lead is allowed on, in, or part of the nerf bars.


1.      Bead locks are allowed and recommended.


2.      No softening agents to be used on any tires.


1.      Top wing is optional. 


2.      Top Wing must be ASCS legal. (5x5/25 sq. ft. max center) (Up to 1” wicker bill okay.)


3.      Top wing to have a 30” max side board.


4.      Wing sliders are allowed.


5.      Nose wing is optional, and must not exceed 6 square feet.