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2013 Mod-Mini/Super 4 RULES


  1. Any American or foreign production economy sedan, coupe, station wagon, or pick-originally equipped with a four cylinder engine. No all wheel drive, rear, or mid-engine cars. Maximum wheelbase is 100.5”. Exceptions to the wheelbase rule may be made on some mini trucks that may exceed the 100.5” limit.

  2. Vehicles must be completely stripped. No factory interior, no chrome, absolutely no glass anywhere, no lights, etc.


  1. Water cooled in line four cyliner production engines only.

  2. 2600cc maximum displacement.

  3. OEM heads and blocks only. Crossbreeding of head, block, and internal parts is allowed if they can be bolted together without alteration.

  4. Single and dual Camshafts permitted. Camshaft specs open on single cam engines. Dual camshaft must weigh 100lbs over minimum weight.

  5. Maximum 4 valves per cylinder.

  6. Roller Rocker or roller cams nots permitted. Adjustable cam devices ok.

  7. Cylinder head porting and polishing permitted on single cam engines.

  8. Valve springs, retainers, and valve size open on single cam engines.

  9. No purpose built race engines, ie Cosworth, Indy, etc.

  10. Header will be allowed. Cockpit exhaust OK if shielded from driver. No exhaust may invade drivers side of cockpit.

  11. Stock or aftermarket pistons may be used.

  12. Connecting rods must be ferrous.

  13. intentionally left blank

  14. No dry sump oiling. No external pump oiling. Stock, homemade, or aftermarket wet sump pans allowed.

  15. Must use a single two barrel downdraft Carburetor-500CFM max. A stock, modified, or aftermarket intake manifold is OK.

  16. There shall be at least two throttle springs on the carburetor. Each of them shall be able to close the throttle without the other one.

  17. Fuel injection, turbo charging, or supercharging shall not be allowed. Vehicles originally equipped with fuel injection must be adapted to run a carburetor.

  18. Ignition will be stock or aftermarket. No magnetos. Distributors may be locked out for advance system. Aftermarket coils allowed. Any type distributor may be used.

  19. Engine setback allowed. #1 spark-plug must not be more than 4” behind center of upper balljoint/strut bolt.


  1. Single disc, stock appearing clutch only. No Ram couplers. No direct drive. Automatic transmissions must have a functional O.E.M. Torque converter

  2. Stock, lightened, or aftermarket flywheel OK. Aluminum flywheels permitted. Must be stock diameter for block used.

  3. A 180 degree Scatter shield must be installed underneath or over the floorboard using a minimum1/8 inch steel plating to protect the drivers legs.

  4. Drive shaft must be painted white. No aluminum drive shafts.

  5. Rear-end shall be stock type only. Make and model of rear-end may be changed.

  6. No aftermarket or quick-change rear-ends allowed.

  7. Open, Limited Slip, Welded, or otherwise locked rear ends shall be allowed.

  8. Must have working brakes on at least three wheels. Locking the rear end does not constitute as one brake.

  9. Adjustable brake proportioning valves OK. Pedals open.

  10. In-cockpit steering may be modified to suit drivers taste, but must be kept on the left side of the cockpit, no center steering.


  1. Shall be at least a six point cage with four uprights connected at the top.

  2. Main cage must be constructed of 1 1/2” diameter tube with .095” wall minimum. Shall not consist of black iron or galvanized pipe.

  3. Must completely enclose the driver.

  4. Minimum of 3 horizontal door bars on drivers side and 2 door bars on passenger side.

  5. Roll cage must secure to the frame or floor pan on unibodies cars by welding solidly around each upright bar or by welding each upright bar solidly to a 4”x4” by plate then welding or bolting this plate solidly to the floor.

  6. Gusseting on all bar junctions recommended.

  7. Roll cage must have a vertical bar in front of windshield.

  8. Roll bar padding (fire retardent) is mandatory where driver can come in contact with the cage.


  1. Stock frame and unibodies may be tied together with steel tubing front to rear but may not be used to completely replace original sections with the exception of the rear clip from the forward mount point of the rear suspension to the rear of the chassis.

    A tube chassis may alternatively be used that retains a stock O.E.M. Front clip. Ford Fox platform and minitruck recommended. Must retain O.E.M. Crossmember. If tube chassis is used (defined as not retaining unibody or frame rails from front firewall area to forward most rear suspension points). The vehicle must weigh 250 lbs over minimum (ex. 2300Cc engine must weigh 2050+250+2300lbs).

  2. Upper control arms may be aftermarket and is to be mounted in stock location only. Lower “A” arm to remain stock to clip, can be modified or camber change.

  3. Weight jacking devices are allowed. No cockpit adjustable weight jacking devices allowed.

  4. Any shocks may be used including coil overs. May be relocated to a better location. One shock or strut per wheel only, excluding pullbar.

  5. Suspension mounting points may be altered but suspension must mount in the stock manner for the chassis being used. *A stock type 3 link is also allowed, mounting can be adjustable.

  6. Stock or aftermarket bodies OK. Minimum 22 gauge steel or aluminum stockcar body complete with four fenders, hood, and roof panels. No fiberglass bodies. Fiberglass roof OK. Body must be firmly attached to secure mounting points. Aftermarket plastic nosepiece and rear bumper OK. Truck bodies must have a toneau cover over bed area.

  7. No excessive aerodynamic air dams, wings, rear sail panels, etc. Subject to approval

  8. Spoilers OK. Limited to 6” height as measured off the top of the deck lid.

  9. Nerf bars OK provided they are no farther than 2” from the body of the vehicle. Ends must be bent into prevent catching.

  10. Drivers compartment must be safely sealed from the engine bay, fuel cell, and exhaust. Right side of drivers compartment may be boxed off to allow the exhaust system in this area.


Minimum weight is 1750 lbs. Minimum weight for cars over 2100cc will be 2050 lbs. Stock clip tube chassis must weigh 250lbs over minimum. All weights are after race including driver and all fluids. May not add fluids after race.


  1. Any type steel wheel with a maximum of 8”. Any offset is allowed.

  2. Bead lock permitted on right rear only. Right front beadlock permitted on FWD cars.

  3. DOT Radial tires or racing tires allowed. Medium to hard compound tires only designed for max 8 inch wheel.

  4. No spiked or studded snow tires.

  5. Grooving and siping permitted.

  6. 1”lug nuts recommended.

  7. Wheel spacers must not exceed 1” thick.

  8. Any chemical substance which alters the tire(s) factory traction characteristics (e.g. tire softener) is not allowed.


  1. Pump or race gas only. No methanol or nitro methane.

  2. Racing fuel cell required.

  3. Racing fuel cell and containters may extend below the trunk floor but must be contained in a fully enclosed box made of minimum 20 gauge steel. Maximum 16 gallons.

  4. Any fluid transfer through the cab must be shielded from the driver. Subject to tech approval.

  5. Vehicles running an electric fuel pump must have a functioning inertia switch.

  6. A positive locking filler cap must be used. Breather vents must be designed so that fuel will not escape if vehicle is upside down.

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