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Saturday August 20th  

       Purse of $100.00 per car entered that FINISHES the Main Event


       This race is designed to promote clean racing by Hobby Stock Drivers.  Any driver/car that “causes” a yellow flag caution involving other driver/car/cars will be penalized $50.00 from their $100.00.  The driver/car/cars that are “involved” without causing yellow flag will NOT be monetarily penalized.  A spin out by yourself, contact with the wall by yourself, leaving the track due to mechanical issues, flat tire, etc. will not be subject to monetary deductions for this race.  LARA general and class rules apply for any of the above infractions as set forth in the 2015 Season Rules.


       You MUST drive off the track at the finish of the Main Event to receive your immediate cash payout for this race.


       A good car and good driving will ensure a better finish and payout.  If you do NOT finish the Main Event, you will not receive any part of the Hobby Stock Classic Purse.


       The winner will receive an additional $100.00 CASH BONUS.


       The goal is minimum yellow flag racing, with minimal car damage.


       CASH ($$$) will be on hand for immediate payouts for Hobby Stock Classic finishers.  LARA payouts will be handled as normal.


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